Why medium sized businesses love Avaya IP Office

There is a reason that medium sized businesses are in love with Avaya IP Office: it works. Medium businesses need a hard working phone system just as much as large corporations do. Avaya has taken the lead and come up with Avaya IP Office (version 7.0 just released) which treats the medium sized business like they were a huge multi million dollar company.

Avaya IP Office will give you over 300 phone lines at one location. It has programs that can be used for small call centers (with web based applications), reception desks (receptionist can see which employee is on the phone or available), and programs for employees who work from home or are traveling. For the manager, it has a way to run reports of phone usage, to see what numbers are calls or incoming the most often and how long each call lasts. Your messages are kept neat and organized and easily accessed. Never miss a message, be it email or voicemail, again.

Avaya IP Office gives your business an edge over the competition because it saves money by using the internet to add as many phone lines for no extra cost. It is a very organized way to run your communications. Avaya IP Office is a best selling phone system- it will streamline the way you and your employees keep in touch with clients.