Why Do I Need A Static / Dedicated IP?

It’s smart to take safety measures in today’s day & age, and quite a few people spend time and money on certain securities such as insurance, camera systems, alarms, etc. Why should your internet site account be any different?

Every account is recognized by an IP address that can be located throughout the internet. Unless configured differently, every web hosting account is automatically issued a shared IP. Understand that if you don’t have a static (dedicated) IP, then you will be sharing an IP with many others on the same hosting server. Nearly all companies on the Web have Static IP’s mainly because they offer you products online and must accept credit card payments. Static IP’s are essential so that you can secure your website to accept sensitive information.

One more major reason why people choose dedicated IP’s is for emailing purposes. Anytime an email is sent out, it can be traced back to the IP address and the server it’s stored on. If someone were to send out several spam messages, their IP address could possibly be ‘blacklisted’ and not be authorized into email inboxes. If you shared that same blacklisted IP, your emails most likely would not be delivered either. Having said that, if you had your own static IP, you could prevent those types of circumstances and send emails successfully.