Wellington, Stuart, Palm Beach FL access control systems

Reasons why investing in an access control system is worth it

Access control is one’s answer to know who are on their premise and when thereby enabling them in limiting entry to only those visitors and staff entitled in having access. It will serve like a visible deterrent no matter it is fixed at a single entrance and/or applied widely to a site having different access zones and multiple doors. If you need these systems call us at Accelerated Technologies. We possess an excellent track record within this domain and offer excellent products that will enhance your business efficiency manifold. The areas that we serve include Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

The Accelerated Technologies Difference

By investing in our systems, you can benefit in the following ways namely,

  • Help to control your security in being centrally controlled
  • Any individual without access rights or card or a PIN will be prevented access
  • Keep away from the hassle of lost keys. In fact, you can delete it and re-issue the card
  • Prevent widespread knowledge of door entry codes and combinations
  • Assist in managing site security and with permanent staff that leave or contract staff
  • Allow restricted access and safeguard stock and equipment
  • Restrict vehicle park access exclusively to authorized personnel
  • Set protocols to open specific door types during set periods
  • The flexibility of generating a fire rosta quickly during evacuation
  • Enhance the management of staff with reports that show time keeping and staff movement
  • Offer off/on site system management as well as control

No matter the industry type, access control has turned into a viable choice for companies for different reasons. If you are interested to install this device in your company get in touch with us today. We are a licensed company which means you are under safe and reliable hands.