Watch your surveillance cameras remotely from your iPhone/iPad

Mobile Communication has integrated itself in virtually every aspect of our lives. And because the security business keeps growing and improves its own technology, the methods in which everyone is starting to monitor their security system is also increasing. One function which has also been integrated within Standalone DVR’s is the capability to view remotely from a 3G/4G Cell Phone (iPhone/Android/Blackberry) or iPad.

This mobile platform is quickly becoming a handy monitoring tool that allows someone to monitor away from home and never have to invest in a PC Based program or actually be logged into a computer desktop. It will take your standalone DVR to a completely new level not usually feasible with conventional standalone DVR’s. This unique feature will keep you even even more protected in the event something were to take place, produces faster responses and allows you to have that peace of mind that your place is protected and okay no matter where you are.

If perhaps price is a factor in determining the type of DVR you want to purchase however you’re seeking as much value in surveillance as possible, be sure to choose system that has the Remote Viewing via Cell Phone or iPad.