VOIP Provider and Business phone Systems in Jupiter, Stuart, and Surrounding Areas

Are you planning on upgrading your office phones over? You must be thinking of a more economical option? Let us, at Accelerated Technologies and Services, help you out with the details of a VOIP provider. Founded in the year 1999, our focus has always been providing technology solutions for both our business as well as residential customers. Over the years, we have been offering professional VoIP system installations and services; our quality of phone systems and data networks stand apart from our competitors which gives us the edge in expanding our client base in the regions of Jupiter, and Stuart.

VOIP Provider and Business phone Systems in Jupiter, StuartBelow we have mentioned 3 basic questions to ask before investing in a VoIP provider. Take a look.

  1. Do I have to change the configuration of my firewall?

If your supplier asks you to replace or change your firewall/router, then it must be the case of limitations of the sip VoIP protocol.  Initially, these ships were not designed to navigate through a firewall inside your network. Hence, it’s always better to work around your firewall rather than opening up holes in it.

  1. What happens when my phone is unreachable?

There might be cases when a single phone dies or the Internet goes down, in such times the system automatically will forward the call to a predetermined destination. For this, you should input a cell number to forward in the system depending on the extension.

  1. Are the data centers geographically disbursed?

If there’s only one center, then this is a situation that you should definitely avoid. It creates major problems for the times when the data center goes down. Hence it is always advised to opt for a provider that has at least 2 redundant data centers far away from each other.

So, if you’re planning to invest in a VoIP provider, you can talk to our experts on 561-427-0600.