VoIP phone systems in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL

VoiP Phone options and solutions

A VoIP phone or IP Phone for short, relies on Voice over IP technology for making telephone calls. Basically, a VoIP phone uses an IP network instead of the traditional public switched network. This means the IP phone system had to convert audio signals to digital ones and vice versa. A VoIP phone offers definite benefits such as cost savings and portability. Accelerated Technologies can help with phone systems, including VoIP solutions in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

Some of the key benefits of a VoIP phone systems relate to costs, portability, flexibility and functionality. It is much cheaper to place calls of over an IP network such as the Internet, than using a public switched network. A traditional phone is assigned a landline with a specific number. If you connect the phone to a different line, the number will be different. You can use VoIP just about anywhere in the world and keep the same number. A VoIP phone supports rich media and therefore offers a wider choke of applications.

The Avaya IP Office 500 is an affordable VoIP system and suitable for the SME (small and medium enterprises) market. This system provides basic telephony and can also be configured as an IP server. That means the system can serve different IP Phones such as the Avaya 5400 Series Digital and 5600 Series IP phones. The Panasonic X-TA824 telephone system is designed to improve communication within an office environment. These include intercom calls, call forwarding and paging features.

There are many different options and solutions when it comes to VoIP solutions and IP Phones. It is best to get the right advice and solution from a communications expert such as Accelerated Technologies.