Using A Hosted Phone System

When anyone calls a business, his or her initial impression is based on how the call is answered, placed on hold, and transferred, as well as what additional options are available to complete the call. You can provide your small business a more professional image and create the perception of a larger company by investing in an enhanced hosted phone system.

Look for a sophisticated but affordable phone system, such as a hosted PBX service, that will ask callers to “Press one for sales, two for support, or enter your party‚Äôs extension,” but can route them anywhere you want. This can place small business in the big leagues, and give the impression that the business is much larger than it may actually be.

You can be up and running with a fully functioning hosted and virtual phone system in minutes. As long as there is a number to be reached on, a hosted phone system can typically be set up to forward calls without complications.