Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Accelerated Technologies telecom expense management solutions are highly regarded by many South Florida businesses, with almost 13 years of quality customer service, and technology solutions delivering legitimate savings. Our Telecom Expense Management experience and bill auditing services not only offer additional security to our customers’ IT and Telecom Departments, but we provide them with the knowledge that their business telecommunications services are performing, billing, and also optimized for performance and maximum savings. Our analysis and review methods uncover any service or fee overcharged for in telecom Voice, Data, and Wireless services. We review and analyze all Domestic and International rates, plans, fees, usages, features, taxes, regulatory fees , surcharges, and service charges.

Telecom surcharges have risen over 20% in most telecom invoices. Stay updated monthly with all the most recent information on telecom agreements and technology to save money with zero sales hype. Accelerated Technologies telecom expense management produces maximum results, with many clients reducing their total telecom spend over 35%, by providing telecom inventory management, bill processing, bill optimization, billing analysis, contract compliance, and telecom reports. Our monthly telecom cost reductions are fast, efficient, and guaranteed and best of all our analysis of your existing communications strategy and expenses is FREE of charge.