Surveillance Cameras in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, FL

Use CCTVs to record anything and everything going on in and outside your home

In modern days, it has become much easier than ever to keep tabs what is going on in and outside your home while going on a long vacation with your family. A big thanks to the technological innovations in the at-home security area that can help you decide who gets in and also who stays out, one of them being surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras, popularly known as CCTV (close circuit television) cameras are a powerful force against intruders. They do a lot more than just deter would-be robbers. Just the sight of CCTV cameras strategically placed in an abode for increasing security as well as providing continuous live monitoring throughout the arena around your abode might scare away prowlers since they do not want to get noticed or leave behind any proof. Moreover, if your abode is burglarized, these surveillance cameras are there to actually help the cops identify and catch the robber. From CCTV cameras to using door and gate access control systems to maintain high security and privacy in Jupiter, Martin County, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens in South Florida, we at Accelerated Technologies and Services, a top leader in the video security industry tailor equipment and monitoring packages since 1999 that suits best individual specific requirements and budgets, ensuring the most effective and efficient security system solution. Some of the major reasons why we recommend our customers to install surveillance cameras to their home automation system to view live feeds of what is happening around your home have been discussed below:

  1. Prevention of home invasion or intrusion (burglary).
  2. Get a true peace of mind.
  3. Look on in the baby sitter or nanny is properly doing her job or not.
  4. Safeguards your whole household.
  5. Monitor daily activities, such as- what your kids and pets have been up to when you are not there at your abode.

For all your surveillance camera systems needs, call us at (561) 427-0600 and we will be very glad to offer you more information as well as a free cost analysis and site survey. There are a wide range of surveillance camera systems available with us to select from.