Cabling and Network Cabling in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Wellington FL and Surrounding Cities

Cabling that is right for your business, building or home

Cabling can either be neat and structured or it can be messy point to point spaghetti style. If don’t wat messy cabling then Accelerated Technologies can help you with proper structured cabling solutions. They are a communications and security company and they can help you with structured cabling solutions in Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Port St Lucie, Stuart FL or Wellington.

Structured cabling is designed and implemented in accordance with strict specification laid down by organisations such as ANSI and TIA/EIA.  Commercial Building Telecommunications Wiring Standards require cabling systems to be modular and designed in blocks that have specific performance requirements. For example, a departmental LAN will have a lower performance requirement than a high-speed backbone block that makes use of fiber optics. Structures cabling makes use of patch panels, ports, sleeves, wiring, connectors and related devices that are connected in a hierarchical and structured manner.

There are different types of cables and there are standards for each of them. You get single and multi-mode fiber, STP (Shielded twisted pair) copper and unshielded twisted pair copper. Cabling can also be categorised as n Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber optic cabling.  A cabling company such as Accelerated Technologies will advise you about the best and most cost-effective cabling for your building, home or facility. For example, if there is low or no interference you don’t need to spend extra money shielded cabling.

The right cabling solution is important to the flow of data and information in your business or organization. It is also important for your connections to other external networks.  Accelerated Technologies can help you with the right cabling solution whether you are big business in Delray Beach, a home office in Jupiter FL, a corporate  Port St Lucie, a medium sized business in Stuart FL or school in Wellington.

Port St Lucie, Stuart, Wellington FL Cabling from Accelerated Technologies is dependable and affordable. Contact us today for details on cabling.