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Phone Systems, Cloud Hosted PBX, VoIP Phone, and other Business Phone Systems by VoIP Provider in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, FL

Tired of dealing with big phone companies’ bad customer service? Accelerated Technologies is a locally owned and operated business in Jupiter. This means when you have a problem with your phone systems, you can speak to a real, Jupiter-based customer service agent. We can quickly get a service truck on the road, come see you, and personalize the solutions to fix your problems, and/or improve your systems. We provide customers with the latest in telecommunications technology, with hometown, top-notch customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.

At Accelerated Technologies, we work with the most respected VoIP providers to deliver reliable communications through IP PBX and cloud VoIP. Whether you’re searching for a cloud-hosted PBX or a standard VoIP phone system, we set you up with the business phone system you need to improve internal and external communications. Your phone system doesn’t have to be complicated! Call us today to learn more about our VoIP PBX and cloud-based phone systems!

VoIP Service in Jupiter, FL

Voice over internet protocol, also known as VoIP services is a type of business phone system that utilizes IP phones to make and receive business calls. With hardware hosted at an off-site location, hosted VoIP is offered by VoIP providers that allow workers to make calls from the office or in remote locations. VoIP PBX trumps traditional PBX systems due to its various advantages including:

  • Affordable cost
  • Worldwide access
  • Scalability
  • Improved bandwidth
  • Diverse features
  • Versatility, and more!

If you’re looking for a reliable and locally owned VoIP service to provide your Jupiter business with IP phones, then contact us today!

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    Cloud-Based Phone System for Jupiter, FL, Businesses

    Rather than being constrained to the confines of traditional landlines, cloud-based phone systems are a form of cloud-hosted PBX or cloud VoIP that use internet connectivity to make calls. Eliminating the need for on-site IT service, these cloud VoIP systems are managed off-site by a secure cloud-hosted PBX provider. With cloud-based phone systems, you don’t have to worry about security, as hosted VoIP providers handle all security aspects in-house.

    If you’re thinking about making the switch to cloud-hosted PBX, we’re here to help. With a team of skilled local technicians, we understand the ins and outs of IP PBX and equip your business with all the IP phones and technologies needed to improve the communications of your business.

    VoIP Provider in Jupiter, Florida

    Accelerated Technologies is Here to Help

    Seated in the south of Florida, Jupiter embodies natural beauty, history, and modern charms in one location. With a range of activities to offer residents and visitors, Jupiter, FL not only proves to be a great place to live but also run a business. If you’re a Jupiter business owner looking for a reliable VoIP service, look no further!

    At Accelerated Technologies, we provide the phone systems Jupiter, Florida, and the surrounding areas trust the most. With reliable and professional VoIP phone services from VoIP PBX, to hosted VoIP, we are your ultimate VoIP service for your business. As a locally owned and operated business out of Jupiter, we are passionate about offering reliable business phone systems and VoIP services to other local businesses in our area. For reliable phone system services, you can trust, contact us today!

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