License Plate Capture Bullet Cameras

License plate capture cameras are now more affordable than ever. With companies like Messoa and Speco Technologies, LPC’s can be purchased at a low cost without reducing image quality. The Messoa SCR505 and the Speco LPRB922 are equipped witha 1/3″ SONY CCD. Outfitted with powerful 850 nm IR’s, both cameras work perfectly even in total darkness to deliver clear plate images. The varifocal IR-corrected lense keeps them in focus day and night, optimizing performance even in very low light conditions. In short, the SCR505 and LPRB922 cameras provide reliable round the clock surveillance and capture capabilities crucial to maximizing the efficiency of LPR applications.

High Contrast Image
Features include high-contrast imaging performance that delivers sharp, clear license plate captures, vehicle speeds up tho 55mph, in bad weather, and in low light conditions.

Powerful IR
Powerful IR functionality and IR-corrected lenses deliver perfect image captures all day long. Cameras are also equipped with a high powered LED to help minimize energy usage.

Wide Range Capture
Built in 9-22mm lens captures a wide 3-8m (10-27 ft) field.

Rain Guard/Extendable Sunshield
The cameras rain guard and extendable sunshield minimize the effects of rain and sunlight on image quality

Easy Installation
The cable management bracket enables easy installation in any location, including walls, surfaces, and ceilings.