IP Phones, IP PBX, and Business Phone Systems in Jupiter Stuart, and Nearby Cities

With all the latest development in the technological field, it is only fair that you upgrade the phone systems of your business houses for your convenience. Accelerated Technologies and Services are here to give you a detailed guide on the advantages of switching over to IP Phones. We are a licensed low voltage cabling contractor who has been offering hardware, software, equipment solutions to our client for over 2 decades now. With us, you do not have to worry about the added cost of new infrastructure as no new wiring is needed; the trick is just adding a new IP phone to your already existing system. After that, you can assign a specific number to that phone and can also limit what the phone can and can’t do as per your business requirements.

IP Phones, IP PBX, and Business Phone Systems in Jupiter StuartBelow we have mentioned a few advantages of using IP phones in business houses. Take a look.

  • Lower cost

Every business house, large or small, aims at reducing its cost. Hence shifting to IP phones can lower the phone bill by more than half the bill your business is currently paying. So when you are looking for cost-saving opportunities VoIP can provide both direct and indirect benefits.

  • Add-on features at no extra cost

While In your traditional older PBX systems you had a remote for call transfer, group ringing, etcetera, you had to pay for those additional features. Whereas in VoIP phone services these features are included at no additional costs.

  • Complete portability

The biggest advantage of this service is complete portability, view IP numbers also known as virtual numbers basically means that you can use the number wherever you are. If you’re someone who travels a lot, all your business house changes address every often, by retaining the same VoIP number you can have the same access everywhere.

So, if you’re planning on installing IP phones in your business houses in the regions of Jupiter and Stuart, you can give our experts a call at 561-427-0600.