Have You Ever Wondered….

  • What phone numbers do you call most?
  • What numbers call your office the most?
  •  What your longest calls are?
  •  What are you most expensive calls?
  •  If your employees are making legitimate work calls?
  •  If your sales employees are making reasonable volumes of calls?
  •  What the long distance costs per department, division or employee are?
  •  What are the busiest times of day for phone calls?
  •  How many rings on average does it take for someone to pick up or our incoming calls?
  • Do I need more lines? Are customers getting busy signals?
  •  Are my marketing efforts working, which numbers are being used most to call in to US?
  •  What numbers specific employees call most?
  •  How to bill back for our time or costs on telephone calls to or on behalf of clients.

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