Communications Solutions for Realtors

Searching for new ways to help your agency lower costs and deliver the service that makes you stand outin today’s marketplace?

Avaya has the answer: the Avaya IP Office communications system. It’s designed with the communications capabilities you need to sell more and deliver the personal service that builds customer loyalty. And by streamlining communications, it will lower your overhead.

One-number reachability: In real estate, accessibility is everything. Avaya takes accessibility to a new level by taking all the guesswork out of knowing which number to use. With Avaya IP Office, everyone gives out just one number-your agency’s main number-and IP Office automatically forwards calls to the agent’s mobile, home, or other phone. There’s no need to give out personal numbers. Agents can screen out unimportant calls and have voice messages and/or faxes automatically routed to their mobile device as e-mail. Because, all phone contact goes through your main office number, it builds the image of your agency and provides more customer control.

Instant conference calls: When a deal is on the line and time is at a premium, IP Office makes it easy to connect all the parties using its built-in conference bridge. Agents can instantly set up a conference call anytime, anywhere using any phone. Because IP Office provides two 64-port conference bridges, your agency can have multiple conference calls simultaneously. This is not only convenient-it’s a money-saver: it eliminates the fees you pay to outside conferencing services. In addition to the audio call, you can broadcast documents (i.e., web pages, photos of new listings).

Simple call handling: Handling your day-to-day call volume quickly, accurately and cost-effectively is critical to creating the kind of customer experience that drives repeat business and word-of-mouth. Avaya IP Office will help make it happen by delivering
• Call routing capabilities designed to minimize hold times.
• Point-and click call management that gives your call handlers an on-screen interface to see what agents are available and where, and also easily checking listings and other data.
• The ability for your IP Office system to instantly recognize repeat customers -providing the personal touch that drives repeat business.

Sharing call handling resources: If you have multiple offices, Avaya IP Office makes it easy to pool call handling resources to enable shorter hold times and more qualified agents handling the calls. Also share your messaging system and company directory across locations.

Home agents: Because the Avaya solution is an IP-based system, agents can work from any location-including their own homes-with all the call handling capabilities they need, and still be centrally managed. It’s a cost-effective way to take advantage of qualified people for short periods of time.

Making it easy to get information: Communications is best when it’s fast and simple. With Avaya IP Office you can easily implement automated services to circulate information quickly: set up a distribution list for voice mails and e-mails that alerts all agents to new listings, price reductions, important announcements, etc.

Simple, low cost administration: IP Office takes the hassle out of reconfiguring your communications system to keep up with staff changes or to add or relocate phones and other devices. If a member of your staff leaves, or you want to set up communications on another device or in another location (including a home office), just plug in and power on-IP Office automatically reads the IP address of the device. If you have multiple locations,you can also easily manage all systems from a single Windows-based interface (no travel costs).

Flexible Options For Your Agency

Essential Edition
“I just need basic communications.” Help keep your costs down and get all the essential call handling capabilities- IP Office Essential Edition is the perfect communications starter kit for your agency.
What’s Included: All the “must haves” your agency needs (call routing, Caller ID, hold/ conference/transfer, voice mail) plus a great selection of Avaya phones. When you are ready, move up to the
Preferred Edition.

Preferred Edition
“I want to make my agents more responsive and professional.” Get the communications capabilities that will give your agency a competitive edge… as well as the built-in capacity you need to keep growing. What’s Included: Ten times more call handling and voice messaging capacity than Essential Edition plus automated service prompts (wait time, new listings, etc.) as well as call recording for keeping tabs on how well customers are being handled on the phone.

Advanced Edition
“Give me the tools to serve customers more effectively.” For realtors who take customer service seriously and want to be the best. You get everything in the Preferred Edition plus powerful tools for managing your sales/service center. What’s Included: Automated self-service options-for providing directions, information on listings and more. Automated service alerts that let you know when service thresholds (i.e., wait times, calls on hold) have been exceeded. Advanced call recording options you can use to identify problems and quickly address them.