CCTV and Cabling in Martin County and Palm Beach County

CCTV and cabling solutions in a modern connected world

Accelerated Technologies offers a single source solution for CCTV systems and structured cabling solutions in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Martin County, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucie, Stuart FL, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

CCTV or closed circuit television enables you to enhance your building security by means of video surveillance. There is a wide array of CCTV cameras available on the market and there solutions for residential homes, small businesses, medium businesses, apartment blocks as well as large facilities and corporates.

Not only does CCTV surveillance improve security, reduce crime and theft, it can also lower your insurance premiums. Video surveillance can also be used to monitor employees and improve efficiency and productivity. Remote surveillance adds an additional layer of security and this type of real time surveillance can trigger immediate response to an incident or event.

CCTV surveillance can be integrated with other technologies such as access control and intercom systems. With remote surveillance and digital access control you can create a virtual doorman system that can grant access when you are away.

Cabling is another component in a modern infrastructure. The new kid on the block as far as cabling goes is referred to as structured cabling. This type of cabling relies on a single cabling infrastructure supported by standardised sub-systems.

Structured cabling can handle a variety of data types such as voice, text, rich media, video and VoIP. This type of cabling solution can also handle large volumes of data and accommodate complex applications and interfaces.

It does not matter whether you are a home office, a small enterprise, a medium sized business or large organization or corporate company, you will still benefit from the flexibility, adaptability and power of structured cabling and related network solutions.