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Cabling vs Wireless in a network environment

Notwithstanding the advances in wireless technologies, cabling is still the backbone of major networks. Network cabling such as Ethernet still has many advantages over wireless. In fact, the two can complement each other in a network cabling solution. Accelerated Technologies provides network cabling solutions in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, St Lucie and West Palm Beach.

Wi-Fi offers convenience and cost effective internet access. You can exactly hook up your smart phone to an Ethernet cable but without Ethernet cabling as the backbone, you won’t have Wi-Fi in the first place. Cabling provides the speed and reliability that you need in your network.

Though Wi-Fi is a lot faster than is used to me and in some cases can even beat Ethernet. However, cabling also has a lower latency than wireless connections which means actions and reactions happen faster. Cabling is also more reliable and delivers consistent performance whereas wireless is subject to interference and does not always deliver consistent performance. Cabling also offers greater security since someone can only connect if they can plug a device into your network router.

Network solutions ideally will make use of both cabling and wireless. Wireless offers mobility and connectivity from different locations. Wi Fi hotspots also offer connectivity at locations across the world. So whether you need cabling or wireless or both depends on the application.

For a small home network, wireless and Wi-Fi solutions could be all you need. But for a serious office or work environment where security and consistent performance are essential, network cabling in the form of Ethernet cabling is still the better option. If you are a serious gamer you will also benefit from a wired connection.

However, you will most likely use a combination of cabling and wireless. Wireless routers also have Ethernet ports which gives you the option to decide on a device by device basis.