Cabling in Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, FL

Network cabling enables effective communications and data transfer

We live in a high-tech where just about everything is connected and proper structured cabling is more important than ever. Accelerated Technologies provides effective and modern network cabling solutions to businesses, corporates and organizations in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Martin County, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucie, Stuart FL, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

When you need the latest in advanced network cabling solutions you need look no further than Accelerated Technologies. Their qualified technicians will install and maintain your CAT5, CAT6 and Fibre Optic cables in a professional and aesthetic manner. This way you get a cabling system that not only looks good but also performs the way you would expect.

Network cabling should be based on industry accepted standards. These type of cabling solutions require proper planning, professional installations, thorough testing and comprehensive and clear documentation.  For example cable sleeves should be mostly out of sight and run through ceilings and other structures so they are not readily visible. Housing systems such as smart rack systems such as relay racks should be used to contain the myriad of switches and related network components. Patch cords and label panels should be used for network connections.

A well planned and professionally installed network cabling system will be scalable and easy to maintain. Such a cabling system will also be compatible with other networks and components and will deliver the kind of speed and performance that is essential for effective commination and data transfer.

Whether you are a home business, a small business, a large organization or somewhere in between, you need a cabling system that will enable you to meet the communication and related requirements of today’s modern and connected world. You cannot afford an inferior and messy cabling network that lets you down, is not compatible with new innovations and is difficult to maintain.