Business Phone Systems in Jupiter or Boynton Beach

Accelerated Technologies supplies and installs advanced business phone systems in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Martin County, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucie, Stuart, Wellington and West Palm Beach. It does not matter if you are a small home office or a large corporate, they have state of the art business phone systems suitable for your needs.

For example the Avaya IP Office 500 offers all the latest features and benefits of modern communication technology and is suitable for small and medium sized concerns.  Converged networks mean you can share traditionally voice and data channels across one infrastructure.  Business phone systems that tap into this convergence deliver greater efficiency that also results in lower costs.

Traditional networks include cabling, PBX and telephone equipment for voice applications. Data transmission and sharing also require cabling, routers and computers. My merging these networks you obtain greater flexibility and efficiency as well as lower costs. Business phone systems such as the Avaya IP Office 500 can also support VOIP, integrated messaging and IP (Internet Protocol) telephony.

This means your system uses the power of Internet Protocol and connection to exchange voice, data, fax and related information that traditionally are transmitted over dedicated public service switched networks. When call travel over the internet you avoid the costs charged by the public telephone companies and networks.  IP Telephony and VoIP are important elements in the convergence of computers, notebooks, desktops, telephones, faxes and television. It is therefore important that your new business phone systems are compatible with the latest in convergence technologies.

Integrated or unified messaging means messaged from different application can be stored in one location or system. These include email, sms, voicemail, fax and even video messages. For example messages can be sent to your inbox and you can listen to it using a headset or speakers.

Despite all its advanced features this phone system is affordable and cost effective.