Business Phone Systems in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter and Surrounding Areas

Proper communications are essential to the smooth operation and functioning of any business. Business phone systems from Accelerated Technologies are designed to meet the needs of modern business communications. They can help you with the right business phone systems in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens or West Palm Beach.

The right business phone systems improve communication and productivity throughout your business or enterprise. When it comes to business phone systems you want uncomplicated solutions that address your communication needs. That means phone systems that work out the box. It also means phone systems that can drive communications that range from voice to video. You want the latest technologies such as cloud-based solutions and VoIP systems. You also want a system that is scalable and flexible.

Accelerated Technologies has the right phone systems and communication solutions for your business or enterprise, whether you operate a home-based business, a small business or a medium sized concern. You want a communication platform that adapts to your needs and requirements.

A good example of a business phone system for small and medium enterprises is the Avaya IP Office 500.  This system is designed for small and medium sized business and packs an array useful features that bring benefits in terms of communications, productivity and cost. Avaya IP Office 500 offers the latest in communication technology and features converged voice and data network, integrated messaging and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) capabilities. The system can also be configured as an IP telephony server.

If you do not require an integrated phone system, then the Avaya Partner Version is an excellent option. It is designed to work right out of the box and packs useful capabilities such as Caller ID, Dial by Name, Automated Attendant, Multi-Party Conferencing and Integrated Voicemail.