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What Is CCTV Used For?

What is cctv?

Cctv stands for closed-circuit television, representing a system that sends television signals to a certain number of screens. The images are not publicly distributed, but are monitored, that is why usually it is used in public places to prevent crime.

It is a closed-circuit system because not everybody has access to the cameras, due to the strategic way in which this system is designed. The cameras communicate with the monitors through some private wireless communication links, making sure that the information cannot be seen by those who do not have access to the system.

The purposes of cctv

People usually purchase cctv systems for monitoring and surveillance. They can maintain the security within their perimeter using these systems, known for their outstanding performances.

They are widely used in hospitals, for the observation of potentially dangerous patients, just like in the monitoring of prisoners’ behavior.

Another usage of cctv is for traffic monitoring. These systems are highly reliable and can give a helping hand in many cases. The images are seen in high quality, thus making it easy to observe any kind of movement.

Another good thing about cctv is the ability of using it for the inspections of places that could be dangerous for people, like toxic industrial areas.

A common use of these systems, is in the surveillance of buildings and offices. It is not only a way of making sure that there are no dangers in what the security of the workers is concerned, but also a very good way of monitoring the workers, assuring the progress of work. It has been demonstrated that people feel more motivated to do their jobs well when they are aware of the fact that they are watched.

No matter for what purposes they are used for, the efficiency of cctv systems has been proved, that is why its installation in public places, for traffic monitoring, for example, has become a routine in many parts of the world. People can buy such highly elevated surveillance cameras from Accelerated Technologies, a company which is present in cities like Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL.