Avaya and Business Phone Systems in Martin County, West Palm Beach and Stuart, FL

Hassle free upgrade to Avaya business phone systems and communication solutions

Business phone systems have come a long way since Alexander Bell invented the first telephone way back in 1876. Today’s modern and sophisticated Avaya communication and business phone systems  now enable you to exchange voice, video and data over the same network.

Accelerated Technologies is an authorized Avaya distributor serving the cities and suburbs of Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Martin County, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucie, Stuart FL, Wellington and West Palm Beach.

Avaya communication and phone systems are suitable for all types and sizes of business. They have solutions for corporates, for medium and enterprises as well as start-ups and small entrepreneurs. For example the Avaya Office 500 is well suited for the needs of medium sized businesses and small growing businesses. Apart from normal phone functions, this system can be integrated into your communications network and sports capabilities such as VOIP, integrated messaging and IP telephony.

Business phone systems such as the Avaya IP Office Partner can be used without complicated setup and configuration processes. In addition you get features such as caller id, dial by name, automatic answering, conferencing and integrated voicemail.

However it is a fact that many companies still operate with dated phone equipment and many are years behind when it comes to business communications and related technology. Some of the main reasons for this relates to concerns about business disruption, lack of knowledge as well as perceived budget limitations.

However the demands of modern day communication make it inevitable that small businesses, companies and corporates with legacy phone systems will need to upgrade to modern high-tech communications and business phone solutions.

Professional communications companies such as Accelerated Technologies offer hassle free replacements and upgrades. This way you can reap all the benefits of a modern business phone system without growing pains and without breaking the bank.